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  1. What is the second death?
  2. How can I be a good witness  for Christ?
  3. Where is hell?
  4. Why does God allow good  people to suffer?
  5. May a Christian take  part in politics?
  6. What does the Bible say  about the Sabbath and Sunday?
  7. What does the Bible say  about fasting?
  8. Is it wrong to have a  boyfriend/girlfriend?
  9. Can I serve God and the  ancestors?
  10. How do I find the right  husband or wife?
  11. May Christians use  family planning?
  12. May a Christian have more  than one wife?
  13. May a Christian go to a  disco?
  14. How do I know whether  something is sinful?
  15. What is sin in Africa?
  16. What must I do if I  am tempted?
  17. Characteristics of true  apostles
  18. Characteristics of  false apostles
  19. What does the Bible say  about baptism?
  20. Why are there so many  churches?
  21. May a woman lead a  church service?
  22. On which door is Jesus  knocking in Rev. 3:20?
  23. Where did Cain's wife  come from?
  24. When will Jesus come  again?
  25. Was Jesus a white  man or a black man?
  26. Where do black people  come from? Adam and Eve were white people, according to the pictures.
  27. Abortion - why is it  wrong?
  28. Why did God allow  Adam and Eve to sin?
  29. What was the forbidden  fruit of Adam and Eve?
  30. What happened  to the apostles of Jesus after his ascension?
  31. Are statues or images  allowed in church?
  32. How can a Christian  woman help her husband to become a Christian?
  33. What is the difference  between Biblical circumcision and African circumcision?
  34. What is the image of  God in which man was created?
  35. What are wedding  clothes??
  36. Why doesn't everybody  accept the Bible?
  37. In which languages  was the Bible originally written?
  38. How can I study the  Bible effectively?
  39. The Bible - What is  it? Who wrote it?
  40. Bahai: What is the Bahai  faith?
  41. The Gospel of Barnabas
  42. What must I do to be  a happy Christian who is not ashamed of the people of God?
  43. Baptism according to  the Bible
  44. Was Jesus born on  the 25th of December?
  45. Will Jesus come again in  the year 2 000 and will the year 2 000 be the end of the world?
  46. Do babies who die unbaptised  go to heaven?
  47. What happens after  death?
  48. In which year did Jesus  die?
  49. John the Baptist  and Christian Baptism
  50. Must I be baptised  in order to be born again?
  51. What are the duties of  a deacon?
  52. You ask if liquor (drink  containing alcohol)is sinful
  53. How can a person be  set free from strong drink?
  54. Is the devil God's  eldest son?
  55. What is the devil's  name?
  56. Is there a waiting  place after death?
  57. What is the purpose  of the death watch in African customs?
  58. The baptism and filling  of the Holy Spirit.
  59. Can the dead speak  to us?
  60. How can I help people  who believe in spirits?
  61. Why doesn't God  answer my prayers?
  62. Why must you close  your eyes when you pray?
  63. Do the spirits of  the dead wander about on earth?
  64. May a Christian  go to a doctor?
  65. Who are Ham's descendants?
  66. Is it good to  use family planning?
  67. The Trinity
  68. Who is the God of the  Bible?
  69. How can I be certain  that I am saved?
  70. Is it wrong to  repeat our prayers?
  71. What does the number 666  mean in Revelation 13:16-18?
  72. Who is God?
  73. What is God's power?
  74. Why did God send His  Son into this world?
  75. How can a Christian  witness for Jesus Christ?
  76. What is faith?
  77. You ask where God  was before He created heaven and earth.
  78. Who is a heathen?
  79. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  80. Is it wrong to have  sex before marriage if you are sure that you will marry?
  81. Where is heaven?
  82. How to know what your  Spiritual gifts are.
  83. When Paul talks about  covering the head, does he talk of all females, or only of married women?
  84. Must a Christian pay "lobola"  (brides price)?
  85. What is a polygamous  marriage?
  86. You ask what you  should do with the baby you had outside of marriage and before you were a Christian,  if you now want to marry another man.
  87. Homosexuality
  88. Why does the Bible  call Jesus the Son of David?
  89. Cain: Which people  did he fear?
  90. Different churches
  91. Which is the true  church?
  92. Must a believer  attend church?
  93. How do I become a child  of God?
  94. The seven words that  Jesus spoke on the cross
  95. How can you be sure  that God loves you?
  96. Why do parents  refuse to allow their children to choose their own boy- or girlfriends?
  97. How can I know that  my boy- or girlfriend is the right one - the one God wants me to marry?
  98. Why does God allow  His people to suffer?
  99. What is love? What is  sex?
  100. Maranatha: What does  it mean?
  101. Masturbation
  102. Holy Communion:  What does it mean to me?
  103. Why do the dates  of Good Friday and Easter Sunday differ every year?
  104. May a Christian join  a political party?
  105. Do we still have prophets  today?
  106. What is Rastafarianism?
  107. The Christian and the  Sabbath
  108. Is it sin?
  109. How can I become a Sunday  school teacher?
  110. The right use of  sex
  111. Is organized Sunday  sports sin?
  112. Will I become sick if  I don't have sex?
  113. What is inherited  sin?
  114. How long did  God take to create the world?
  115. Speaking in tongues
  116. May I go to see a  witchdoctor?
  117. Fasting and the christian
  118. To which race did Adam and  Eve belong?
  119. Is temptation sin?
  120. The Christian  and ancestral spirits
  121. Is it right for  a Christian to swear?
  122. Must we wash one another's  feet?
  123. How can you avoid  temptations when you are alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend?
  124. It is allowable to eat pork  or not?
  125. What should I do  when I am tempted?
  126. When will the Second  Coming of Christ be?
  127. How can you know God's  will, and be sure that your decisions are right in His eyes?

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