Will Jesus come again in the year 2 000 and will the year 2 000 be the end of the world?

The Lord Jesus taught clearly that nobody, except God the Father, knows the date and hour of Christ's Second coming to judge the world. Mark 13:32: "No one knows, however, when that day or hour will come neither the angels, nor the Son; only the Father knows". It is not the will of God that we must know that day and hour.

 But He gave us certain information by which we may be able to know that the time of His coming is near. The signs of the times must warn and encourage Christians to be wide awake and alert so that they won't be caught by surprize, like when a thief overpowers them in the night. It must also be a grave warning to unbelievers. The signs are:

 1. False teachers will be seen on earth: 1 John 2:22; Matthew 24:5; Matthew 24:11.

 2. Wars and rumours of war: Matthew 24:6-7. This is a daily news item in the modern media.

 3. Starvation: (Famine): Matthew 24:7. We are aware of the plight of the people of Ethiopia, Mozambique, North Korea and elsewhere.

 4. Earthquakes: Earthquakes are regular experiences of the people of Japan, Mexico, Turkey and elsewhere. In the year 1755 60,000 people lost their lives in an earthquake in Portugal. The last earthquake and catastrophe is prophesied in Revelation 6:12-17. All the previous ones point to that last terrible destruction.

 5. The persecution of true believers: Matthew 24:9. More Christians die for their faith in this century than in the previous 19 centuries together! Even today, Christians are being persecuted and killed on a scale never seen before. Jesus' coming is near!

 6. Great unfaithfulness and the increase of evil: Matthew 24:12. Take note how television and other mass media is being used to mislead people into a godless lifestyle.

 7. The love of many will grow cold: Matthew 24:12; 2 Timothy 3:1- See how few people still practice true worship during the week.

 8. The Gospel will be preached through all the world: Matthew 24:14. This is done also by radio and TV. Do not believe the people who say that Jesus will come in the year 2 000 or on any other date. They don't know what they are talking about. But please note the signs of the times prophesied by Christ. They will precede His second coming. Be spiritually wide awake and ready to welcome Him!