What happens after death?

From what we read in the Bible we learn the following: All the souls of the people who died, and who die, go to a temporary abode called "Sheol" in Hebrew and "Hades" in Greek. It means: the abode of the dead. But in "Sheol" or "Hades" there are two separate places one for the Christians and one for the souls of the unbelievers. The notion that the soul of the deceased lingers for a while near the dead body has no Scriptural proof.

 The story of the rich man and Lazarus gives us a glimpse of the circumstances in the abode of the dead (Luke 16:19-31). The abode of the children of God, believers, Christians, is called the bosom of Abraham or the place of the righteous dead. That is, as we said, a temporary abode where they will stay until the day of the Resurrection when the souls of the Christian dead will be united with new glorified bodies. So they will live in glory for ever and ever in the places described in Revelation 21-22.

 The souls of the unbelievers will also be united to resurrected bodies (not glorified). So they will be condemned to be cast into Hell body and soul where their suffering will never end (Revelation 20:11-15).

 This parable teaches us a very important lesson, however. We need to get right with God while we still have the time! After you death, there is no second chance. You must be forgiven before you step over into eternity. Make sure of this at all costs.