What are the duties of a deacon?

The New Testament has three Greek variants for the word and person of the deacon:

 Diakoneo: It means to serve the people who eat at the tables. Today deacons perform this duty during Holy Communion Services.
Diakonia: to serve. This refers to the attitude of a deacon towards his work.
Diakonos: servant. In Luke 17:8 we read the following: "Prepare my supper, buckle your belt (put on your apron), and then wait on me (diakonei moi) while I have my meal."

 Deacons must visit the church members regularly, especially the poor, so that they can inform the church council about people who need help.

 The deacon does not visit to collect money only. He must also teach his people about their responsibility to give contributions for the Lord's work, and not because it is a mere church law. The Lord expects it.

 He may also pray for the people, read a passage from Scripture and show the lost the way of salvation. He must also comfort the poor and help them. If, for instance, the father is without a job, the deacon can ask the church council to help him to find a job.