Who is a heathen?

The Hebrew word for heathen in the Old Testament (gojim) means "nations". They were people who worshipped idols, while Israel worshipped the true, living God. Heathens do not know or serve the true God. The difference between those that serve God and the heathens is clearly written down in Psalm 115. In other words, a heathen is a person who does not serve the Lord, but serves other idols and things. Heathens can of course become converted if the true Gospel is preached to them. Naaman, the Syrian Military commander who had leprosy, was a heathen before he was healed (2￿20Kings 5). Ruth, the Moabite was a heathen who became a believer in God. She even became an ancestor of David and Jesus the Messiah (Ruth 1:16; 4:18-22).

 Heathenism has nothing to do with the colour of a person's skin. A heathen is not a religious person in the true sense of the word, and can be a human being of any skin colour: White, coloured, brown, yellow, black and red. If he does not know God and serve Him, he is a heathen.

 But the good news is that Jesus cares about heathen. Therefor he commanded his disciples to share the good news with all nations (Luke 24:47). And one day representatives of every nation will gather around His throne to praise Him, because they have become children of God (Revelation 7:9-10). Make sure that you are not left behind!