Where is hell?

The Bible teaches that lost sinners will exist forever, after the final judgment, in a place which is described under different names and symbols. The notion in modern times that hell won't be a place but a state of mind or a condition, even on earth now , does not do justice to the teachings of the Bible. The place where the lost will exist forever, body and soul, is described by using examples of places that people of the Bible knew. For example the word used for hell "gehenna" is a Hebrew word consist ing of ge (=land) and Hinnom (= a valley southwest of Jerusalem). It was the place where wicked idol-worshippers burnt their own children alive as sacrifices to the idol-god Moloch. It was considered a filthy and horrible place, a symbol of hell. In Matt hew 18:9 we hear of "the fires of hell," in verse 8: "eternal fire". In Revelation 20:14-15 it is called "a lake of fire".

Hell is not a condition, it is a place. Where it shall be, nobody knows. All that we know is that -

(a) God is not there except for His wrath.

(b) It is a place of eternal torment and pain, and remorse, where your conscience will be like a devouring worm, always reminding you of what could have been if only you did not despise the calls of God; a place of utter despair, weeping and grinding of teeth (Matthew 8:12; 13:50; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 16:23-28; Revelation 14:10; 21:8).