To which race did Adam and Eve belong?

In the days when Adam and Eve lived, there were no cameras. Ancient artists painted Adam and Eve in the skin colours of the Greek and Roman people of their time, but we do not really know what they looked like. The Bible tells us absolutely nothing of the colours of their skins. When God said that he created man according to His image he meant a being with intelligence, with a free will to serve God and to be able to live in righteousness and holiness (see Genesis 1:26) and did not refer to skin colour.

 But the Bible teaches without doubt that all the nations of the earth are descendents of Adam and Eve (read Acts 17:26). How the differences in the appearance of the nations - the narrow eyes of the Eastern people, the red skins of the American Indians, the black skins of Africans and Indian people of India, the yellow colour of the Chinese etc. came about, we do not know. Anthropolo-gists (scientists who study man) says that the rays of the sun could have caused excessive pigmentation (darker skin colour) near the Equator to protect the skins. That is why the people near the North Pole are specially white. This is only a theory. The Bible only speaks about a skin colour in Jeremiah 13:23, but not with contempt.

 Some people even ask why the devil is black. The devil has no skin like a human being. He is painted black because he is the chief of the powers of darkness, against the Light of God. This has nothing to do with the skin colour of people whatsoever.

 Every sinner who comes to Christ honestly finds a new heart whiter than snow (Psalm 51). His skin colour is no factor at all.