What is Rastafarianism?

Rastafarianism is a religious mixture of Ethiopian Christianity, Old Testament Judaism, African Animism and spiritualism. It has no constant dogma.

 The name "Rasta" is an abbreviation for Rastafarianism. This cult is very active in the Caribbean Islands. The main points in this religion are:

 1. Rastas believe Haile Selassie, whose real name was Ras Tafari, is the lamb and sacred god of the black people. They say that he, the late King of Ethiopia, was a direct descendent of King Solomon.

 2. They say God, Jesus and the early Christians were black. That is why they oppose all pictures or other illustrations that teach that Jesus was a white man, and say it is wrong.

 3. They say God became man in Haile Selassie, who still lives in another dimension. They deny the Biblical teaching that Jesus is God.

 4. They say they are the true Jews.

 5. They claim that the Bible was written by black people for black people.

 6. All white people are demons (so they say).

 7. Black people shall only be free when they return to Africa, because they are foreigners in other countries such as Jamaica and the other Caribbean Islands.

 8. Some of them believe in reincarnation. This is an Eastern belief from Hinduism or Buddhism. They wear their hair in "dreadlocks," symbolizing the lamb's wool of their god Haile Selassie. They smoke "dagga" or "ganya" (marijuana) which they regard as sacred herbs in religious rituals. They have their own, individual style of music, called "reggae" which they use in religious and political propaganda. Bob Marley and his pop group "The Wailers" were the best known of the Music of Reggae.

 Rastafarianism is a black consciousness movement that waits for the fall of "Babilon" - the Western World.

 They are wrong because they revere Haile Selassie as Christ and claim that he lives and rules in another dimension, since no trace of his body, grave or ashes has ever been found.

 It is therefore clear that genuine New Testament believers cannot become involved in Rasta without denying the only Saviour of the lost: Jesus Christ (See Acts 4:11-12). Rasta is a religious cult which is in direct opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.