How can I know that my boy- or girlfriend is the right one - the one God wants me to marry?

This letter is written for Christians only. If you are a real Christian, saved by the Lord Jesus, who has the Holy Spirit in your heart, you must pray that God will lead you to the one he intends to be your life-partner, whom you must marry.

 If you pray thus, you must remember that God will answer your prayer in His time and manner.

 Trust God to do so. But remember that it is the will of God that a Christian only marry another Christian (2 Corinthians 6:14-15). Therefore you can know that if an unbeliever wants to marry you, he/she is not God's choice for you.

 If you meet someone who seems to be your partner, do the following:

 1. Make sure if he/she is a true Christian or not.

 2. Establish how many of your interests are the same.

 3. Ask him/her to go and pray to ask God for the assurance that He wants you two to be life partners. If he/she refuses to do that, it is not the right one.

 4. It is a plus-point if both are of the same church, but it is not essential.

 5. Remember that sex before marriage is always sin before God.

 6. Ask God to give the assurance in your heart that your friend is the chosen one whom you must marry.