The right use of sex

Is it a sin to have sex before marriage? Yes it is, for whatever reason you do it. Sex is a gift of God. For many years in some societies, young people were taught that sex is a dirty, ugly thing, and many young girls went into marriage with a fear of sex. This was done mainly to stop young people from having sex before marriage. But it was a wrong way to teach young people. Often they were forbidden to even speak of it. Sex, in the right place, is not sinful. When God gave Eve to Adam, that was the first marriage and it was a joyful thing for them to be united in this way.

 Later, when sin came into the world, it spoiled the purity of marriage as it spoiled everything else and through the years until our time things have got worse and worse, until sex has been made into an ugly thing by the way people have treated it.

 It is wrong to have sex before marriage because it is a gift and privilege which must go with the responsibility of two people committing themselves to each other for life, to be faithful to each other and have a family that can be secure with both parents.

 If young people have sex for pleasure, even if they love each other, they often end that relationship and go their separate ways. But because sex is not only physical, it can cause deep hurts mentally and spiritually too. Part of you remains behind (1 Corinthians 6:16). And if people have more than one relationship of this kind there is the risk of disease, like AIDS, as well.

 So, although the Bible teaches that sex is a gift of God, that is only for couples within marriage. If it is used in any other way, it is immoral and sinful. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and also 15-18.