Will I become sick if I don't have sex?

Young people often ask questions about things others have told them. Some of the questions are about the consequences of not having sex before a certain age. They have been told that they will become insane, that some or other disease will attack them, that their genital organs will deteriorate and become useless etc.

 The source of all such information is, of course, the devil and his powers. To practice sex outside marriage is a sin against God and young people's own future, and is the source of much unhappiness in the world.

 The first thing we must always remember is that the devil's work is to destroy and to lie, and to ruin people's lives. One of his main purposes is to destroy the moral life of God's people on earth. And when someone refuses to act contrary to the law of God and for example, not have sex before they are married, he uses even friends to tell such lies (Read John 8:44).

 No! there is no medical evidence that abstaining from sex will harm anybody physically and psychologically. The genital organs won't shrink or be harmed in any way. Be assured - it is true!

 But having sex before marriage, and with anybody who is willing, is very - very dangerous. Besides the psychological consequences because of a guilty conscience, a person may contract different kinds of venereal diseases, amongst others, the dreaded killer disease called AIDS, which is spreading rapidly according to recent reports. It is the cause of very many social problems and unhappiness.

 So please don't believe the Devil and his disciples. God knows quite well what He does when He says: Do not commit adultery (Exodus 20:14).

 Read 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8.