How can you be sure that God loves you?

God cannot lie. He says in the Bible that He loves you and you must believe Him. Take for example John 3:16 and insert your name where it says "whosoever" (that means you too, does it not?). For God loved you so much that He gave his only Son, so that you who believe in Him may not die but have eternal life. (Good News Translation.)

 See also 1 John 3:1; John 15:12, 16:27; Ephesians 2:4-5; 5:2; Hebrews 12:6; 1 John 4:10, 19.

 Also examine your life and you will find many tokens of his love in the blessings that you can enjoy. Sometimes we can rejoice even in our disappointments. Someone said that when he became blind, he could not understand it. But in his blindness God saved his soul and gave him an amazing joy and peace of mind. Now he rejoices in his blindness because he found God in it.

 Please be sure: God loves you just as you are. Will you respond to His love by doing what he asks in Revelation 3:20?