How can I become a Sunday school teacher?

We are very glad to hear that you wish to help young people to follow the way of the Lord. The Lord has laid an important burden on your heart.

 If you wish to lead young people as a Sunday school teacher, you need to improve your Bible knowledge. Therefore continue with your Bible study. We shall try to help you with that as far as possible.

 It is also important that your life should agree with your words, for children learn more by example than by talking. A child is quick to see when your words and deeds do not agree.

 Go to your pastor and tell him of the desire on your heart. There is usually a great need for Sunday school teachers, but you will have to show the church leaders that you are a suitable person who can be trusted to lead children to Christ.

 Many churches have prepared Sunday school lessons to help teachers. If your church does not have such lessons, you can buy them with colorful pictures from:

 Child Evangelism Fellowship
57a Pienaar Street


 The Manager
CLF Publishers
P O Box 19

 Please tell them your language, because the lessons are available in different languages.