How can you avoid temptations when you are alone with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

1. Make sure that he/she is a true Christian like you - read 2 Corinthians 6:14. Both your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Sex before marriage is sin, so ask him/her to respect Gods laws.

 2. Don't believe the lie: "If you won't have sex with me, you don't love me." If a boy really loves a girl, he will respect her chastity which God gave her to preserve till the day of her legal marriage. So boy, please help your girl to preserve it, and girl, please remain pure till the day of your marriage when sex won't be defilement any more, when you enjoy it with your own true husband.

 3. Don't stay up late in the night with one another.

 4. Don't just sit idle. Idleness is an effective tool in the hands of the devil.

 5. Don't experiment to see how far you can go. Don't allow your boy more freedom than what God expects from you. Be sure of this: You'll fall into sin.

 6. Don't say: Pastor, we live in modern times. All the TV stories show that these things are common. Yes I agree, but joy is still joy and sorrow is still sorrow. How many beautiful young people cry in their hearts today because the permissive spirit of modernism ruined their lives.

 6. Do things together like sport, hobbies. Join other young people, but beware of the snares of the devil at some places like disco's etc.

 7. Think into the future when you may have a beautiful son or daughter. Do today what you will expect them to do when they are alone with their special friend.

 8. Pray together and take part in the activities of your church.