Online Bible South African Edition

The Online Bible has been described as the "fastest, cheapest and most user-friendly"  electronic Bible available today. For more than a decade, Larry Pierce's Online  Bible has been distributed world-wide with the vision that the Word of God should be available on every PC, free of charge. This program has set the standard against which other similar software are tested.

Since 1993 Dr Arnau van Wyngaard, a Dutch Reformed pastor involved in missions in Swaziland has shared this vision with Larry. Not only is he the official distributor  of the Online Bible in Southern Africa, but he has also received permission form the SA Bible Society to distribute both the 1953 as well as the 1983 Afrikaans Bible versions as part of the Online Bible. Recently he has also been responsible  to complete the very first electronic Zulu Bible as part of the Online package.

A CD, made specifically for the South African market is available from Dr van  Wyngaard. It contains 42 different Bible versions, 13 in English, 2 in Afrikaans and many others, ranging from Arabic to Ukrainian. Commentaries, dictionaries, topical studies and maps are also included. There is a once only payment of R250,  which includes the cost of manufacturing the CD, royalties and postage.

There are no hidden costs involved, e.g. to activate certain translations on the CD and all future upgrades are free of charge. As new material become available, they can also be downloaded from the internet at no cost.