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How to use this Course

This study guide is a course. Therefore it is essential to pay close attention to the following hints:

1. Study the Bible

This course is intended to help you study a part of the Bible correctly and to understand it well. So keep your Bible close at hand and read for yourself the verses to which we refer from time to time.

2. Personal Study

You can work through this course on your own. Take one lesson at a time and work through it. The questions at the end of each lesson will show your whether you understood the message correctly. Refer back to the lesson to see whether you answered correctly.

3. Someone to Help You

Perhaps you received this course through someone who cares for you, or if you downloaded it yourself, you may feel the need of someone else who could guide you through the course. It is always better to work through a course with someone else. Meet regularly and study the lessons one by one. Discuss the answers at the end of each lesson.

4. Bible Study in Groups

The course is also suitable for Bible study groups. Members of the same church, people who work together and set a lunchtime apart for Bible study, people who attend a prayer group, young people in a youth group and many other kinds of groups can use this study guide. The leader announces which lesson will be discussed on the next occasion and the participants prepare themselves at home. The questions at the end of each lesson are discussed, with any other questions that may come up. The meeting will close with a time of prayer.

5. Your Own Certificate

At the end of this study guide you will find a Course Test. Print it out, fill it in according to the instructions, and send it to Biblecor for correction. If you pass the test, you will receive a beautiful Biblecor Certificate which you can frame. The certificate is meant to encourage you in your Bible Study, not to guarantee you of any work in a church.

6. Questions and Problems

If you are struggling with a spiritual problem or need advice about the Bible, you are welcome to send one or two questions to Biblecor. We have a team of counsellors who are ready to serve you.