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How To Use This Course Book

1. This is Just What You Need!

This is no ordinary book. It is a Bibly study course on a subject that most Christians seem to be reluctant to talk about, until it is too late. You will discover that God gave us clear guidelines about sex, because God wants us to be happy Christians.

2. Use Your Bible

This is a Bible study guide.You can complete this course successfully only by using your Bible. You will find questions in each lesson to answer from your Bible. Without a Bible you may miss the main point.

The Bible verses quoted in this study guide comes from the New International Version, but you may use any other good translation.

Look at the "Contents" page of your Bible if you have any difficulty in finding a specific Bible book.

3. This Guide is Your Teacher

This study guide will twach you the secrets of a happy life, step by step. Please do not skip any part of any lesson! All are important. Do look up the Bible references and fill in your own answers to the questions. You will not progress well if you do not cooperate with your "teacher". Make sure that you do not miss any blessings.

4. Do Not Be in a Hurry

You future happiness may depend on what you are about to learn. Spend at least one day per lesson, so that you will have time to do the lesson thoroughly. Pray before and after each lesson and ask God to help you to understand and obey what you learn from his Word.

5. Share What You Learn with Others

After you have done each lesson, you can talk about it with your family or friends. Or you may form a Bible study group and study the lessons together. Then you could take turns to read the lesson and to look up the Bible verses. At the end of each lesson you will find questions to discuss in the group. The group leader should decide which questions to discuss according to the time available.

At a camp or conference the course can be studied in four sessions: Lessons 1-3, 4-7, 8-11, 12-14. Remember to leave enough time for the discussion questions!

6. The Course Test

You will find the Course Test at the end. Print it out and fill in the answers after you have completed all 14 lessons. Then post or email your answers to Biblecor. Send only the Course Test and not the whole book. You may look up the answers in your course book and Bible while you answer the questions.

The Course Test will be corrected and returned to you. Successful students receive a Biblecor certificate free.

7. Your Biblecor Registration Number

When you send in your first Course Test, you will receive a Biblecor registration number. Use this number in all future correspondence with Biblecor. You are one of many thousands of students all over the world. Use your number to prevent delays in answering your questions.

8. Other Biblecor Courses

This is only one of a large variety of Bible correspondence courses in eight different languages. Ask for the free course list, so that you can order your next course.

9. If You Change Your Address

Please let us know if you change your address, so that we can keep our address list up to date. Thank you!