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Sex - A Wonderful Gift of God

Perhaps you were surprised to see that this is a Bible study about sex. After all, sex is the one thing that very few Christians feel free to talk about. We are ashamed to mention it in public. But God very often talks about these matters in the Bible, as we'll see in the following chapters.

But first of all you need to understand that God has a right to tell you how to use your body.

Read Psalm 24:1.

To whom do you belong?

Read 1 Corinthians 6:18-20.

What is your body?

What should you do with your body?

Because you belong to God, you have to listen to his instructions about the use of all his gifts, including the gift of sex.

1. Some people think that all sex is wrong in itself - and that it should be avoided.

2. For other people sex is everything in life - they believe that life is not worth living without sex.

3. For others sex is just a natural biological necessity - like food and water. They do not care whether it is right or wrong.

4. In ancient times sex had a strong religious meaning. People would indulge in sex in order to ensure the blessing of the gods on their crops and cattle. Sex was a form of religious dedication.

5. From the Biblical and Christian point of view sex is a beautiful gift of God. It can bring great happiness and fulfilment to men and women. Sex between a husband and wife who love each other makes their love stronger and makes them better and more mature people.

But sex can also make people very unhappy and miserable. The gift of God makes many people unhappy! We think of such things as prostitution, adultery, rape, incest, homosexuality and masturbation. These are all sexual deviations.

Many married people are unhappily married and they spend their lives in a miserable marriage or end up in divorce. Because of these things people are often jealous of one another and the end of sexual or marital unhappiness is often murder or suicide.

Why should this be so? What is wrong with sex that it can make people unhappy? Or what is wrong with people that they make themselves unhappy about that which should make them happy and fulfilled? God explains that to us in the Bible (see Lesson 6).

Prayer: O God, thank you for this wonderful body that you gave me. Help  me to use it as you want me to, in everything I do. Amen.

Questions to Discuss in the Group

1. When should Christians discuss sex?

2. Where and how should Christians discuss sex?

3. Do you agree that God really wants us to be happy? Give your reasons.

4. What is happiness? How would you describe a happy person?