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Sex Was Made Very Good

Because of the misuse of sex by many people, some people in ancient times thought that sex was bad in itself. Some of the Manichees (followers of the "prophet" Mani) even avoided milk, butter and eggs because of the relation of these products to sex (in animals). For them sex was sinful - yes, the greatest of sins, because through sex more people come in bondage to the world.

Sex was, however, created by God as part of his good creation.

Read Genesis 1:12-37.

Now did God feel about his creation?

God made two kinds of human beings. Which? (Verse 27.)

What did he command them about sex? (Verse 28.)

Now do we know that sex is not sinful in itself?

The purpose of creation is the glory of God and the happiness of man (Psalm 19). Sex is clearly a part of God's will for our lives. The verses we have just read, as well as Genesis 2:21-25, show that there was a sexual relationship between man and woman before sin came into the world. True sexual love glorifies God and makes man and woman happy.

The Manichees of ancient times believed that the "forbidden fruit" of Genesis 3 referred to a sexual relationship which was, according to them, forbidden. But this is a very wrong interpretation. Genesis 2:24 and 25 make it quite clear that sex was before sin. The sin of Genesis 3 was disobedience to God's will - nothing more and nothing less.

Even people who grew up in a Christian environment sometimes believe that sex is sinful. Sometimes it is through wrong teaching and sometimes it happens through lack of parental care or sexual abuse when still very young. This makes them very unhappy. If such people marry they may have sexual difficulties caused by a sense of guilt. But guilt feelings must be brought to Jesus. He forgives sinners (1 Timothy 1:15), and liberates people who are troubled by wrong notions about sex and sin.

Parents who teach their children that sex in sinful, in order to keep them from sex before marriage, make a big mistake. They should teach their children that sex is a beautiful gift of God that may be enjoyed, as long as it is used according to God's will - in marriage.

Read 1 Corinthians 7:2-5.

What is God's solution for immorality? (Verse 2.)

How do we know that sex in marriage is good?

Should a married person care for his own needs, or for his partner's needs? (Verse 3-4.)

How do we know that sex outside marriage is not good? (Verse 2.)

God wants you to be happy. He wants you to enjoy all his gifts, including the gift of sex. This is only possible if you obey God. You must obey God, also in the way you enjoy his gift of sex.

Prayer: Father, I confess that sex has become a dirty thing to me, because  I did not understand that it came from you. Forgive me, and show me the  right way. Amen.

Questions to Discuss in the Group

1. The devil wants to create the impression that sex belongs to him.  Why?

2. The devil is a master at creating impressions - but he cannot create  anything else. Do you agree? Give examples.

3. Some religious people say that all sex is bad. bo you think the devil  is happy about what they say? Why?

4. Why do some people think that all sex is sin?