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The Sad Result

Sin, we said, is to reject God's love. Let us look at some of the results of sin. Sin leads to regret and sorrow, but then it is too late.

1. By rejecting God's love, we cut the roots of our lives - for we were "designed for love". Death is one of the first results of sin recorded in the Bible (Genesis 2:17; 3:19; 4:8-10; Romans 5:12-14). Death is something unnatural, "unreal," because we were created to live and to love - not to die. To all who love God and his creation, death is something strange. The Bible calls it an enemy (1 Corinthians 15:26).

If people question the reality of sin, let them explain death. Death is the result and a "proof" that sin exists. Death is a reminder that we are disobedient. Death reminds us that we rejected God's love. The Bible also speaks of a "second death" that awaits us after the death of the body. It is eternal punishment in hell (Revelation 21:8).

Read Romans 6:23.

What is the wages (pay) of sin?

Have you ever sinned?

What wages do you deserve, then?

2. Because we rejected God's love, we do not love and trust him any more as our Father. Jesus was the first man to call God his loving, protecting and all-providing Father. Because of sin, people do not love God, but fear him - or rather they fear what they do not know - the Unknown (1 John 4:18).

3. As the fellowship with God was lost, man lost his trustful fellowship with other human beings. It seems easier to hate people than to love them (Romans 3:10-20).

4. Love and care for woman was replaced by jealousy, envy, lust, domination of woman, rape and prostitution. Instead of a suitable helper for man, she has become a possession to be ruled over (Genesis 3:16). Instead of "my wife," Adam calls her "the woman you put here with me" (Genesis 3:12).

5. Sin also affected nature. As man became disobedient to God, nature became disobedient to man. The curse of sin causes the earth to bring forth thorns and thistles, so that man has to work hard to obtain enough food (Genesis 3:17-19). And instead of caring for creation, man now exploits and destroys nature by pollution of air and water, and the selfish destruction of the soil and vegetation. Read Romans 8:19-21.

6. We cannot always say that people get ill because they committed certain sins. Many sinners have excellent health and many believers are ill. But generally speaking, all pain and bad health in body and soul result from the fact that we human beings have sinned (Genesis 3:16).

This is especially noticeable in the area of sex. If you disobey God by promiscuously having sex before you are married, you stand a good chance of contracting venereal diseases that lead to sterility and death. Some of these diseases, like AIDS, are still incurable today. The only way to make sure that you will not get one of these diseases, is for both the future husband and wife to abstain from sex until they are married, and to remain true to each other after they are married.

In short: Through man's disobedience God's image in man and woman was distorted and damaged. We all need Somebody who can restore God's image in us. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

Prayer: O Lord, when I see the trail of destruction left by sin, I am  afraid. Please show me the way to peace and joy. Amen.

Questions to Discuss in the Group

1. What does the Bible mean by "the second death"? (Revelation  21:8.)

2. Can illness and death be simply explained as the work of witches? Give  your reasons.

3. Did Jesus conquer physical or only spiritual death by his resurrection?  (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.)