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What Does It Mean to Be a Christian?

We all long to be happy. There is no-one who would prefer to be unhappy. The Bible makes it very clear that it is only a Christian who can be really happy. For this reason we wish to find a very clear answer to the question: "What does it mean to be a Christian?"

We are going to make a thorough study of Acts 8:26-40.

You can look up this passage in your Bible. If you do not have a Bible, click here: [ ]. Begin by reading it through.

In this passage of the Bible we meet two people: Philip the evangelist and the high official from Ethiopia

Philip was already a Christian. The message which brings happiness into a person's life was already in his heart. And the Lord used him to carry this message to someone else, so that he too could share the joy. The high official was not yet a Christian. He was still searching for truth. When he heard Philip's message he at once accepted it - and continued his journey rejoicing.

So this course has a message for everyone - those who are already Christians and those who are still searching for the truth.

If you are already a Christian, you will learn through this course how to share the message with other people so that they may share in your joy. You will learn what it means to be used in the Lord's work like Philip, and to help build his kingdom.

If you are not yet a Christian, this course will point out to you the road towards accepting Jesus Christ as your Saviour - just as the high official from Ethiopia did. Then you will be able to go on into life rejoicing.

The Bible Gives The Answer  We are going to search in the Bible for the answer to the questions which come up deep in our hearts.

"Why in the Bible?" you ask.

Because the Bible is not simply an ordinary book. The Bible is the Word of the only true God. He makes known His will to us in the Bible. Through the Bible we hear what He wishes to say to us. When the high official from Ethiopia (one of the people we are going to talk about in this course) wanted to find happiness, he bought a book of the Bible and began reading it. And when Philip (the evangelist who spoke to the Ethiopian) wanted to make God's message clear to him, he began with the contents of that book.

The Bible is a precious book. It is the Word of God. Everyone who wishes to get to know the true God and to live joyfullly, must have a Bible and read it,

Do you have a Bible in your own language? Take the trouble to get one. And if you have one, you must use it regularly while you work through this study. The Lord God wants to speak to you through the Bible and through this course!